Custom Fields allow you to keep track of your own types of data. For example, you could track:

  • Your Qualifying Times
  • What Tires you started out with in a race
  • How many laps you ran before you changed tires
  • Whether or not it rained
  • …and anything else you can think of.

Creating Custom Fields

You create and modify custom fields by clicking the “Menu” dropdown:

…and selecting “Edit Custom Fields”:

This brings up the “Edit Custom Fields” dialog. Click the “plus” button to add a new Custom Field:

Custom Field Properties

Title: This is the name of the field, like “Qualifying Time”. Each Custom Field’s Title must be unique.

Type: Select one of the “types” from the drop-down box. The options are:

Type Description
string Any type of text
number Numbers only, with no decimal places.
checkbox A checkbox, for true/false or yes/no values.
time This allows entry of times, which are typically qualifying times. In the format 12:34.567, where “12” is minutes, “34” is seconds, and “567” is milliseconds. More on how to use this type down below.

Header Align: How the table’s column header should be aligned. Left, center, or right.

Cell Align: How the data in each column should be aligned. Left, center, or right.

Hilight Mode: This is only for “Time” types of fields. Use this to add highlighting every time the time goes up or down. In this example, “QT” is the “time” field:

The options are:

Type Description
none No highlighting.
Minus is Good Highlight with green if the time goes down, red if it goes up.
Plus is Good Highlight with green if the time goes up, red if it goes down.

NOTE: Highlighting is only added for races during the same week, and the same letter.


Here’s some Custom Fields I set up as an example:

Add/Edit Races Dialog

Here’s the Add/Edit Race dialog, with the new Custom Fields at the bottom:

You can resize the fields using the “drag handle”:

Click the green question-mark buttons for help, for each field type.

Enter your custom data:

Races Table

After adding new Custom Fields, they appear at the end of the Races Table:

You can resize the columns, and drag them to new positions: