*GranTracker* is completely free, and runs on Windows and Mac.

The Problem

Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) gives you DR and SR ratings for Daily Races and such, and a hard-to-read DR progress bar:

The problem is, I can’t tell how close I am to the next DR level, or how my DR/SR ratings have changed over time.

The Solution

Introducing GranTracker, a free desktop application that runs on Windows and Mac.

I'm a retired software developer who wanted something like this, and I decided to create an application I could share with other people. But charging for it has some drawbacks:
  1. I'm retired. The last thing I want to do is start a new business.
  2. People expect too much if you charge for it. To be honest, even though I'm pretty good at what I do, GranTracker will have some initial growing pains as people use it on different systems and in different ways.

GranTracker lets you keep stats on every race, with color-coding, so you can keep an eye on your stats and trends:

You can view your DR progress over time in chart form:

And include your SR progress, if you want:

GranTracker even has animated track maps:

In the application, the red ball moves around the track.

I could probably make it work in this web page also,
but I'd rather spend my time on other things.

…which you can expand to get more detail:

NOTE: I haven’t finished all the maps. But I hope to, over time.

Next Up: How It Works